2017 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show, Part 1

Nebari Bonsai

Kathy Shaner was our honored guest, and she did a great job arranging our clubs trees into a very cohesive, nicely-flowing event. Here are some photos of the overall show. More soon!


Back wall, note the varying table height for the taller tree. A nice touch, with an almost-tokonoma feel:

A shohin display (ok, my shohin display) with plenty of space to allow the viewer to contemplate the composition:

More along the right wall:

A collection of accent plants grouped together:

More along the right wall:

The left side of the center aisle featured a collection of rock plantings. Quite a few were entered this year, and grouped together, it made a very intresting composition as a whole, and offered lots of detail for those looking closer:

The right side of the center aisle also offered good spacing to appreciate each tree and it’s chosen accent:

Kathy enlightening some…

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