Birding near McGregor

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Yesterday we went to McGregor and the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve in order to try to supplement our Karoo birding list.  We had wonderful clear warm weather with no wind whatsoever, but nevertheless, the birds we wanted to see eluded us. Sadly, the dams are still empty and the area is in desperate need of rain.  Our afternoon was punctuated by a… Continue reading Birding near McGregor

Birding at Strandfontein

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Renee and I visited Strandfontein this morning hoping to see the African Crake and Knob-billed Duck that have recently been reported there.  We were not disappointed as we managed to see both of them.  Luckily we ran into Trevor Hardaker and he put us on the right track.  The Crake was especially rewarding as it walked right up to us and… Continue reading Birding at Strandfontein

Appreciating Life Through Death

BONSAIKO Grim Reaper lurks through the bonsai garden. Today is MondayMay 29th 2017. It is Memorial Day in America, a federal holiday to remember the men and women that died who served in the armed forces. It’s interesting that just minutes before I started writing this, that I just made that connection.Since today I’m not working, I usually have time to do other leisurely things … Continue reading Appreciating Life Through Death