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On Monday, Daniel surprised me with a beautiful Juniper Bonsai tree, in training since 2008! I was at first very excited and eager to learn, but after some research I’ve become confused and a little disheartened because a lot of the sources I’ve been looking at have been telling me different things. After much deliberation I’ve decided to sort of pick and choose some guidelines that I believe seem realistic and organise them here in a coherent way.

Juniper Bonsai, in training since 2008


  • Directly translated, Bonsai means: bon; tray or low sided pot, sai; plant or planting
  • More specifically, a Bonsai is a tree in a pot that has been trained and styled in such a way that it appears just as aged and healthy as an ordinary tree growing in the ground
  • The art of Bonsai originated in China but has also been a huge…

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