A Patient Art

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Yale University Press publish a beautiful book on bonsai, which displays a small sample of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s bonsai collection. A true coffee table book, that exudes beautiful photography, with each tree at the peak of its seasonal beauty, and a brief description of the trees history and background. The books design, simplicity and aesthetic make it an elegant reference… Continue reading A Patient Art

Belfast Rose Week – The Winning Bonsai Exhibits

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Evergreen – semi cascade ivy with seedling accent Forest and Landscape – Japanese Larch on slab Mame – Rowan (sorbus) Coniferous – Japanese Larch Novice – Zelkova Indoor – Cork Bark Chinese Elm Flowering, Fruiting and Berried – Spirea Deciduous and Best Overall Bonsai Exhibit – Root over Rock Trident Maple ? Continue reading Belfast Rose Week – The Winning Bonsai Exhibits

European Hornbeam Modifications

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I recently finally got around to airlayering the top of this tree in training.  The trunk is much too tall and the apex curves, ruining the formal upright image of the rest of the tree.  The tree should look less lanky in future with the top removed.  Still tall but hopefully elegant as opposed to unsightly.  I also finally performed… Continue reading European Hornbeam Modifications