Montreal Bonsai Bus Trip

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Every few years our Bonsai Society of Upstate New York takes a bus trip to expose our members to interesting bonsai collections. In the past we have visited Canada (Montreal Botanical Garden and David Easterbrook); Washington, D.C. (National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, Kennett Collection and Sean Smith); and Boston (Arnold Arboretum, Suthin, Bonsai West and New England Bonsai Garden).




On July 18, 19, 2015 our group of 22 members and friends revisited Canada to once again see the bonsai collections at the Montreal Botanical Garden, David Easterbrook and Serge Rubidoux. On the way home we visited Pauline Muth’s bonsai studio.


We were fortunate to have Eric Auger, Curator of the Japanese, North American and Tropical Bonsai Collections guide us around and answered all questions. He first took to areas not open to the public to see bonsai which were not on display, his workroom and overwintering greenhouses. Since the Chinese…

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Sawara Cypress Annual Trim

Scratch Bonsai

I meant to lift this tree earlier in the year and begin to train it in a shallow pot but never got round to it.  Another year in the ground just means more thickening of the trunk and branches and that’s fine.  Time now for some pruning to improve branch/trunk taper and let more light into the interior to hopefully promote backbudding where necessary.  Quite a lot of foliage was removed and I’m pleasantly surprised with the tree like image that has been produced already.  I’m looking forward to getting it in a pot and refining it next year.

DSC_0385 Before. July 2015

The most significant pruning was at the apex where the trunk split into two equally thick apexes.  I pruned off the one on the viewer’s left and now with the remaining apex on the right, the flow of the whole tree is improved and in better harmony.

DSC_0388 After.

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A Few New Visitors

Natural Moments

I was fortunate to get out several times this week to a number of my favorite spots and got to see and photograph a nice mix of several new butterflies for the season, a few young birds and a couple of regulars. Last week’s Audubon Thursday Birders dropped in on Ojito de San Antonio Open Space and got nice looks at a good variety of birds, more than I would have expected for that area at this time of year. One of my favorites that we saw quite a few of is the Western Tanager.

Western Tanager Western Tanager

I also got a good look at an immature American Robin with its speckled chest that will turn into the adult’s solid brick red as it matures.

American Robin (immature) American Robin (immature)

Other recent visits to this area have turned up some good butterflies worth looking at in addition to all the birds. A winner…

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cedrus first styling

twinsrat bonsai

This tree has been in my collectin for more then two years, so I decided that it is right time to give it first styling.

tree before. tall tree, no taper on trunk, a little bit of movement, boring, boring so it is time to change it.

and after work , i still have some options, but i think i will stick to the first one and i will try build nice ramification on that branches

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ちゃぼひば Cyabohiba(Cypress)

盆栽 Bonsai My impression

 季節の一枚から:From one season
The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama. Taken in July.
Chamaecyparis obtusa → Kamakurahiba ← Cyabohiba (Garden variety) No.029





谷側になりますが、気分でも伝われば。撮影:いのうえつな 1930年頃大井にて つなさん引き続き探しています。子孫の方、詳細をご存知の方連絡下さい。

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