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Osprey Osprey

During our first day in Connecticut, we had an unbelievable wildlife experience.  One of the dozens of species that stood out during the trip were the ospreys.

Whether they were at Milford Point in the morning or Long Beach in the early evening, they put on quite a show.  The ospreys at Long Beach were a little more active, so I spent more time there.

I am still working on my flight photography, and slow flying ospreys in evening light is the perfect setup for me to learn.  I have a small gallery for your viewing pleasure.

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On Monday, Daniel surprised me with a beautiful Juniper Bonsai tree, in training since 2008! I was at first very excited and eager to learn, but after some research I’ve become confused and a little disheartened because a lot of the sources I’ve been looking at have been telling me different things. After much deliberation I’ve decided to sort of pick and choose some guidelines that I believe seem realistic and organise them here in a coherent way.

Juniper Bonsai, in training since 2008


  • Directly translated, Bonsai means: bon; tray or low sided pot, sai; plant or planting
  • More specifically, a Bonsai is a tree in a pot that has been trained and styled in such a way that it appears just as aged and healthy as an ordinary tree growing in the ground
  • The art of Bonsai originated in China but has also been a huge…

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