Green Herons at Almshouse Creek

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While spending time watching the Ospreys at Almshouse Creek,… (Mama Osprey protectively watches over         baby.) … I noticed that there’s also a family of Green Herons who have taken up residence in the same area. Yesterday, baby Green Heron was hanging out in a secluded corner of the cove at Almshouse Creek. This morning, four Green Herons were hunting… Continue reading Green Herons at Almshouse Creek

More American White Ibises

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I spotted several small flocks of American White Ibises in the last two weeks.  Here are some of the views of the big white wading (and lawn) birds!  Ibis like rooting around in freshly mown lawns to seek out insects, worms, and grubs.  They also will wade in shallow water to get aquatic snails or other small water insects… Continue reading More American White Ibises

A childfree birder’s guide to good parenting

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Parenting in our species is a tough nut to crack. As a child-free adult, I can’t even begin to fathom the stress involved. The lack of sleep. The pressures of safety. Financial pressures. I don’t get how they do it, but I just know it’s hard. It is no excuse though some parents make for such terrible role models. Children can learn so… Continue reading A childfree birder’s guide to good parenting

Part I of Peru – Cuzco and Machu Picchu – May 16-19, 2015

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Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet and is extremely rich in bird diversity, boasting an impressive 1,808 species of birds, the third most species of any country in the world! The country is so rich in bird diversity that new species and subspecies are still being discovered! Peru has such a vast bird list because… Continue reading Part I of Peru – Cuzco and Machu Picchu – May 16-19, 2015

Another blooming azalea

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The subject of this post originally came off this azalea that I posted about earlier in the year. When the one shrub was dug up two years ago, the rootball came apart into two pieces.  The bigger part is being trained into a semi cascade/cascade tree (See link above) and the subject of this post will hopefully make something similar. It’s struggled a the… Continue reading Another blooming azalea

Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 05/07/2015

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Today was the monthly meeting of our club at Wattston Bonsai. Robert Porch gave an excellent informative talk and demonstration on the general care and development of pine bonsai. Many members brought along their pines for advice. Here are a few pictures from the day. While this was going on Dougie Smith was helping new member Chris style 2… Continue reading Lanarkshire Bonsai Club Meeting 05/07/2015