Cotoneasters Bearing Fruit

Originally posted on Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai:
All of my cotoneasters are producing berries at the moment in great quantities. With this variety the flowers are fairly insignificant and the transition from the ball shaped pink flower to red fruit is almost imperceptible. This is a smaller one of the same variety as the one above. This will become the main tree on my rock… Continue reading Cotoneasters Bearing Fruit

Bonsai, two new starters

Originally posted on Michael Coopers Studio:
Modest little trees that may pay dividends one day When we had our club bonsai show at Willowbrook  Garden Centre near Wellington I treated myself,well no, my wife Sue treated me to two little plants to work on . The first a Berberis  thunbergii  ‘Bagatelle’ or Japanese Barberry. Normally grows to about 3 feet or so and as I forgot to take… Continue reading Bonsai, two new starters