Tanaka’s momiji work in progress

Kitora no do



dopoIMG_6849IMG_6850seconda potatura della stagione 2015


-aumentare la conicità del tronco principale

-aumentare il diametro del primo e secondo ramo

Lascio ancora un ramo di sacrifico nella zona apicale

Tanaka’s Momiji cresce 2014

Tanaka’ momiji working in progress 2014

Tanaka’s momiji 2012

Tanaka’s momiji 2012

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Fuji Cherry Defoliation

Scratch Bonsai

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about flow, direction, the more artistic side of bonsai and how my trees measure up when evaluating them from a more artistic point of view.  With a few of these concepts in mind, I decided to defoliate most of my shohin Fuji Cherry so that I could better see how the branch structure is developing.

DSC_0285 Current front July 2015

This is the current front as the apex is coming forward, along with most of the foliage.  After accidently breaking a branch last year, there was little left on the opposite side that has the better nebari.  The next photo illustrates better:

DSC_0287 A birds eye view.

I decided to remove most of the leaves from the older, thicker branches and especially those coming forwards.  I want to promote more growth towards the back and I also want this year’s new shoots to thicken as quickly as…

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