Jaboticaba, or jabuticaba, or Plinia cauliflora, or maybe Myrciaria cauliflora

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I once got in trouble for questioning the name of this tree. But I’m a questioner. I hit hard sometimes with my “but why?” comments.

I mean, to elucidate the problem with the trees nomenclature, look it up. There are several genus’ with the common name jaboticaba (the genus is the first word in the binomial name of an organisms. Like a house cat is “Felis catus”, the genus is Felis, the species is catus. Binomial: 2 names). And of course, jaboticaba is the Spanish spelling. Jabuticaba is the Portuguese spelling, from whence the trees originate. To reference the title, both of the genus’ Plinia and Myrciaria are in the myrtle family, just to confuse us all. And it seems all the trees commonly called jaboticaba have the flowers and fruit grow on the stem or trunk of the tree as opposed to from a bud or growing tip on…

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