Herons of North America

Bay Photos by Donna We have six heron species in the United States.  While in Florida where they vast in numbers, I was able to photograph five of them with little difficulty, and I’m still going through my photos. The one that eluded me during those three months was the adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron.  So I’ve included a photo courtesy of Eric Lipton to show … Continue reading Herons of North America

Common Gallinule

Bay Photos by Donna The Common Gallinule is a unique looking bird with it’s long toes (allowing it to walk on vegetation), red facial shield, and their “candy corn” looking beak. Common Gallinule Common Gallinule As with other birds, the functionality of the facial shield appears to relate to protection of the Gallinule’s face while feeding in or moving through dense vegetation, as well as … Continue reading Common Gallinule

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

Bay Photos by Donna I slowly approached a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk from behind while it intently scanned around the grounds below its perch. Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile) I circled to its left and was noticed. Red-shouldered Hawk (juvenile) A closer look at the hawk as it focused on me. Red-shouldered Hawk close-up (juvenile) Apparently I wasn’t a concern, as the Red-shouldered Hawk returned to watching the … Continue reading Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk

Double-crested Cormorant Goes Fishing

Bay Photos by Donna I watched this Double-crested Cormorant surface with fish, one after another, for 30 minutes. Double-crested Cormorant It became a fun challenge, anticipating where s/he’d pop up with a possible fish. And there were a lot of fish, I’d never seen a cormorant catch so many so quickly. I missed many of them either completely or out-of-focus, but here’s four of the … Continue reading Double-crested Cormorant Goes Fishing

You’re The Star – July Summer Garden

Originally posted on Decor Craft Design:
Hi and welcome to You’re The Star Blog Hop – July Summer Garden! It’s summer time and great chance to grow some summer plants! Bright up your summer garden on this July with these fantastic features of this week! Fruitful garden features! You also can link up your gardening post to share with others. And moreover, get more and… Continue reading You’re The Star – July Summer Garden