July 11th- noctilucent clouds, turtle dove survey and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

I have to admit to writing this having ‘hit a wall’ of tiredness! You can’t wake at 2.50am and expect to continue as normal throughout the day, well I can’t! The alarm didn’t ever go off, because long before it did I lay awake making sure I would not sleep through it! I crept out of bed, then the usual dress in the dark falling over, any naturalist will know this feeling! Anyway, as I tiptoed over the landing I glanced outside. I was amazed at what I saw. streaks of light electric blue spread across the inky blue of a pre dawn sky. Noctilucent clouds!

I picked up pace and was outside by about 2.55am. I rushed up to the village hall where the grounds afford open views to the north. What a sight! The noctilucent cloud was partially obscured by patches of low cloud which were just starting…

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July 12th – swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Swift Diary

A precious couple of days of swift watching. The non breeding birds arrived back yesterday morning after their two week exodus during the recent cool weather. There has been lots of screaming which usually starts just before 5am. I am instantly woken by their shrill screams. It is a wonderful awakening which happens for a few weeks each year. I jump out of bed, make a coffee and go out to the studio where I can see most of the nest boxes.

Our two chicks are looking really good with their all important wing feathers growing rapidly. In a little over two weeks they will be flying south to Africa. The coming week is looking reasonable weatherwise so hopefully the most difficult weather for swifts is behind us now. This has seen a lot of chicks malnourished, with many sadly perishing. I hope better weather will encourage more…

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June 23rd- swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

A very quick blog today. In the last 24 hours three people have phoned me with news of fallen swift chicks. One chick has died, a second I have just driven to Wetherby Services on the A1 to hand over to Linda Jenkins of Start Birding for care. Sadly this seems to be a widespread occurrence across North Yorkshire and of course those found will be the tip of the iceberg. The weather is much better now and has been since Saturday, but it seems this will be too late for many young swifts.

I managed a watercolour of the sky at 9.17pm yesterday. There was an arrival of swifts who probably mingled with some breeding birds and older non breeders to form this large screaming party. I suspect that swifts from different local colonies are starting to merge a bit in the evening now was we fast approach departure…

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聟島のアホウドリ、イチローとユキのつがいに5年連続でヒナが孵化しました、このつがいの子が昨年の1羽めにつづき2羽めも聟島に帰還したことがわかりました | 山階鳥類研究所広報ブログ