Twisted Itoigawa Shimpaku pruning

Nebari Bonsai

I’ve also let this tree grow wild this year.


Some of the branches have gotten a bit long and leggy, and I want to tighten up the design around the trunk some. Removing a few long branches, replacing them with shorter, newer branches will help. These were removed from the first left branch:

And a back branch:

And again, by removing the growth in the crotches of branches, reducing shoots down to pairs, then bottom growth, and trimming strong runners.

And after a little wiring to tame the apex:

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House Wren


House Wrens can be found singing everywhere in the woods during Spring and Summer. While they flit about in bushes and thickets and are quite territorial, they often find interesting places to nest. I was following a couple of wrens moving about incessantly and noticed one of them disappear into a huge hole in a tree trunk. I waited patiently for quite some time and was rewarded with this series of photos below. I went to the same spot a few days later and sure enough was greeted by a singing wren.

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