The Addiction Strikes – Collecting Bonsai Trees from Nature


For us in the Southern hemisphere it is that time of year when Bonsai enthusiasts pack their bags, collect their tools and load up on enough supplies to go Yamadori hunting. Yes, we go crazy to get our hands on raw material that we can grow on to become aesthetically pleasing Bonsai.

The big questions related to this activity is based on safety and ethics. How do I do it safely and how do I do it ethically?

Safety always comes first. It starts with weather conditions, through to the equipment needed to keep you safe and also having a plan. If you go on your own, make sure you tell people what your plans are, where you will be and what time you will be back. If you are visiting a remote area and there is no cell coverage, then you will need a personal locator beacon.

Always make…

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Restyling, or second restyling, or redux of a redux, or somethin’ somethin’ Bonsai!

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I love this trunk. I really do. It’s old looking.

It says to me,

“Get off my lawn you disrespectful piss-ant. Have some respect for your elders and those in charge and wait for them to throw you a scrap…..”

Or it might be saying “old, seasoned, experienced, worn and scarred”

One or the other……

It’s definitely a survivor. It lost its whole top (bonsai top, not real tree top) in Hurricane Irma. And it’s character is very much in the “old tree” typecast we in the Bonsai world get caught up in. Not classic deciduous tree old but the new old trope (that’s a lotta oxymoronical grasping)

Since you’ve seen it last, it’s grown in the same way a dervish whirls.

The one lil’ bit of wire I put on in the last post, not even 8 inches long, is, of course, cutting in.

To see what it looked…

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