Summer ‘Soji’

Nebari Bonsai

Soji is the term for cleaning up, and in this context, cleaning up the surface of the soil. Oxalis grows like crazy, as does Irish moss (Sagina subulata), and once it takes hold, it is a pain to eradicate during the growing season. These two weeds are my sworn enemy.

Irish moss circled above.

It is important to remove weeds to allow for good watering and air exchange. Irish moss, in particular, keeps the soil wet.

This azalea has gone several years since the last repotting, and the oxalis spreads like wildfire in the off years. During repotting, it is possible to distinguish the tree’s roots from the white rhizomes that support the oxalis rampant growth.

First step is to pull the moss, and get as much of the oxalis runners and rhizomes as possible. I use a root hook and tweezers.

Then, I use a hose blast…

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