What’s Wrong Here? A Blog Quiz-

Michael Hagedorn

If you see a pine with lushly growing moss on top of the soil media, like the one below, alarm bells should be going off. As pines generally don’t like overly wet soil media, lush moss is a lucky clue to adjust your pine care. And if things are really soggy, you might even see algae and liverwort growing on the surface, so those are double alarm bells.

If you see any of these indicators of high moisture, what things might you check for, and then adjust? There are four main ones, but you might think of others.

A lodgepole pine with lush moss, a clue something is awry…

Algae on soil surface, a worse clue

Liverwort growing in a pot, another of the bad clues

For the many benefits of moss in bonsai practice, please check out Chapter 37 of Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition.

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