Happy New Year – January Re-potting time


Well, I have been remiss in posting. Most of my tree work has been done at the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt since December but now it is time to address some of my trees. Pines need to get re-potted and some of my trees are showing early budding which will push their window of work sooner than later.

My big, “Bill Scott” legacy pine was marked for re-potting and I am glad I did. I was extremely disappointed in the root development. It was planted in a mix of black lava and akadama but the root did poorly. I cleaned out more of the old original soil mix and put the tree back in the same pot with new standard pine mix of pumice, lava, and akadama. I need to let it grow strong in the spring to develop roots. The key reason for this re-potting was to reorient…

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