Day 4 – Coal Tit

Originally posted on A Species a Day:
The cold’s not going away yet, feel as bad today as yesterday so no venturing into the countryside for me alas. Thought I’d explain the names of the species before today’s entry. So on Day 1 we had Woodpigeon Columba palumbus Linnaeus, 1758 and on Day 2 we had Groundsel Senecio vulgaris L. (I’ve admitted the subspecies name… Continue reading Day 4 – Coal Tit

1-25.12.2019: The case of the disappearing winter

Originally posted on Košice Patch Birding:
Winter apparently arrived at the beginning of December but then mysteriously vanished shortly afterwards. As you can see from the goldfinch photo above, it looks and feels more like autumn than anything else right now. But the short spell of wintry weather did bring an expected winter visitor; one of two bramblings seen only during that cold weekend,… Continue reading 1-25.12.2019: The case of the disappearing winter

1-26.1.2020: January delights

Originally posted on Košice Patch Birding:
Still no sign of snow as the end of January approaches. Nothing more than a chilling foggy dampness with occasional freezes this winter; it’s very strange and somehow much less comfortable than if there was deep snow and sub-zero temperatures. Because of this uncomfortable weather, I was on the patch less often than I could have been; nonetheless… Continue reading 1-26.1.2020: January delights