Birding in Borneo (Sabah)

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Borneo is the third largest island in the world. The island of Borneo is politically divided among three countries; Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Being a very large island and holding some of the world’s oldest rainforests it holds a good number of endemic species. So birding in Borneo is high on the list for many birders. It… Continue reading Birding in Borneo (Sabah)

Dinosaurs Past and Present

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What do we know about dinosaurs now and, perhaps more interestingly, how do we know these things? Michael J. Benton lays it out in Dinosaurs Rediscovered: The Scientific Revolution in Paleontology . Origins, taxonomy, intelligence, reproduction, diet, locomotion, and, of course, the cause(s) of extinction are topics covered here. Surely the most notable and surprising thing in our understanding… Continue reading Dinosaurs Past and Present