32PINE #1

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This is what I believe is a European Black Pine. It was collected in fall 2011 on an impromptu collection trip. I have enjoyed this as my first pine as bonsai. So far, it has cooperated with my lack of familiarity with pines thus far. This season(2013) I have spent a considerable amount of my bonsai thinking time, conversation, and studies towards understanding the techniques of good pine bonsai care. I am much more confident and more familiar with pines compared to how I was in the past BUT everyday, I have a lot of new questions on pines so do I think I am an expert?? HECK NO!! I just do what I do because it works for me and I enjoy it. So to start off, I will post a pic of the tree the day it was collected.



Here it is today(09-17-2013)
I am definitely thinking of…

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Northern White Cedar #3

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​Started on this fun project back in June 2016 on an old white cedar I have had for 4 or so years now. Last year it grew immensely and got away from me designwise thus leading to some very unsightly inverse taper. So it was a do over this season. The was alot of swelling above the first branch where the two split off their directions. The ultimate tree in this specimen will be centered around that first branch on the left side below the pot in the canopy. The branchlets off the first branch are very very well placed and I know where to go from those and what to expect as it develops. Its going to be a good girthy short thuja.

Now onto this pot up the tree. The first time I have ever seen this done in person was during my 2 month stay at Ryan…

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Smartphone Photography


All my life I’ve been an Android user. I started with the Galaxy series and it’s all I ever used. I loved the customization and camera features that Android had and the iPhone did not.

Everyone always bragged about how great their iPhone was and how awesome iMessage was, but I never understood. Last year my girlfriend at the time, now my wife, as well as some of my friends, finally convinced me to get an iPhone. At first I hated it, with its lack of customization and inability to tweak camera settings natively, but then I learned what live photo was and how to use it and my attitude changed.

Live photo takes a photo, then records a second or two after the photo is taken. You can use it for a few different things, but I love it because it allows me to create long exposure photos. Here’s…

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Like a rock!

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Panty hose!!!



Thigh highs!


Whatever you call them, I hate ’em.

Warning: if you are ever signed up for a “root-over-rock” ficus project, and the instructor suggests using panty hose as the material to wrap the trees around the rock, just get up and walk away.

Don’t even worry about a refund. Pack up your tools, put your turntable in the trunk.

Just make sure you put your hosiery back on, especially if it’s before Labor Day. You don’t want to be unfashionable with bare legs.

You’ll also notice some fern leaves, or whatever they’re called. Don’t put ferns on your trees. You’ll see why in a second.

I’ve had this willow leaf ficus for about a half a year now (I got it in the purchase of a collection) and I’ve been dreading this work.

After about a half hour, cleaning the moss and ferns and

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Wee Wittle Willow-leaf

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There’s a cutie.

I picked up this little ficus from Mike Blom, of Emblem bonsai, down Loxahatchee way. He was a vendor at the last (2019) BSF convention and he will be back. I get some of the best material from him.

In fact, the one on the right was from him as well. But that tree, and the one next to it are for another story. for another day.

Today, this sweet lil’ thing is the star!

Mikes genius is in creating amazing taper in short spaces and giving the tree loads of character.

I mean, damn! It’s only about four inches tall, maybe three, and it looks like a gnarly, 4000 year old English elm.

Or it will, in a year or two.

I can see it. That’s why I bought it. Get the trunk.

The work today: Changing the potting front a little….

….about here…

….trying not…

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