Sub Alpine Firs…

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The very dry summer we had here in Portland would lead you to think it would make for a poor fall collecting season…but after a scouting trip in early August, the trees were definitely actively growing roots. Everything I brought home responded very well to receiving regular watering for a change, especially the sub alpine firs. Their needle color went from… Continue reading Sub Alpine Firs…

Cairns: Turtles in the Tropics

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Fitzroy Island The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre Two of the volunteers Nudey Beach on Fitzroy Island Nudey Beach Nudey Beach is isolated and private Nudey Beach The 5 o’clock view from Fitzroy Island I arrived in Cairns, Australia on Sunday and began my volunteering at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Monday. The Centre is located on Fitzroy Island,… Continue reading Cairns: Turtles in the Tropics

Yellow Water Cruise

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Sunrise at Yellow Water in Kakadu National Park We got rather close to quite a few crocodiles. They look rather larger in person! White-bellied Sea Eagle Young Jacana Mature Jacana Black-necked Stork (I think) Whistling Kite Is it lunchtime? (Nope, not this time!) Heron (maybe?) Another Black-necked Stork Saturday morning I went on a sunrise cruise leaving from the… Continue reading Yellow Water Cruise

Arnem Land & the Custodians of the Land

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The view was so pretty even the guide was taking photos! On our way to see some ancient rock art. Trevor explaining about the rock art. Some paintings reveal layers of images going back tens of thousands of years. We did some climbing. Silkscreening in the Injalak Arts center. Artist Graham Badari. Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River… Continue reading Arnem Land & the Custodians of the Land