Bird Race, 190120

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Amit, Edgar,Harish, Keerthana, Kumuda, Poorvi,Prem,Radhika, Shreeya, Sriram,Valli, and I To Ravugodlu. Shared packed brefus. to NASA’s for coffee. To Kaggala halli kere, Gabbadi kere, Harohalli kere, Suvarnamukhi Reservoir. (Ate the rest of the food for lunch) Did not go to Bettahalli Kaval kere. Kabbina haalu on the way back. Coffee and checklist at Checkpost. Gathering and dinner at… Continue reading Bird Race, 190120

Valley School area: A write-up for Ramki Sreenivasan

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As part of the Bannerghatta Biosphere, the area of scrub jungle adjoining and abutting the Valley School ( a day school run by Krishnamurthy Foundation India) has for long been a birding hotspot. The area that birders frequent comprises surprisingly varied terrain, for such a small acreage. There is scrub, open grassland, and a wooded area; a small… Continue reading Valley School area: A write-up for Ramki Sreenivasan

Birds and brains! IISc students trip to Ranganathittu, 180120

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It was a new experience for me…taking 27 students of IISc(from undergrad level to Ph.D. students) along with a professor and his young daughter, to Ranganathittu, on the 18th of Jan, 2020. Arun Kaulige also guided the group. Kiran and Ambarish organized the trip extremely well. The group. Photo: a passing tourist! It was a first for me… Continue reading Birds and brains! IISc students trip to Ranganathittu, 180120

Raptors vs. Squirrels

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Another adult Red-tailed Hawk, another Green-Wood squirrel. Sunday above Sylvan Water. How many squirrels are in the cemetery? Not as many, I would guess, as in Prospect Park.While looking for interesting birds lately I’ve come across a couple of squirrels doing their best to lay low inside conifers. On Sunday, on the other hand, five of them ran towards… Continue reading Raptors vs. Squirrels


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Llano Seco NWR, Butte County, California Pintails paddling about, feeding with heads down in the water, butts up.  The pin tails waving like banners of bravado.  No other ducks hereabouts have such a lance to lift.  In mellow evening light the pinions preened with precision.  Other creatures may be pinnate but Pintails present pinnation at pinnacle.  Please to admire my plumage,… Continue reading PINTAIL PLEASURES


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UPDATE: I got this email from Dr. Sarah Sloane. She wrote the BNA species account for Bushtits.  Her university post is in Maine so I am convinced she studies Bushtits because they are cool, and they live in warm places. “In answer to one of your questions on your blog: Both bushtit males and females flock together year round. Small flocks… Continue reading GETTING CLOSE TO MY NEIGHBORS


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Above: lone siskin who appears occasionally.  Auddie, the warbler, who’s been here multiple times each day since November. Below: Myrtle Warbler who’s been daily for about a week, does not consort with Auddie.  Red-breasted Nuthatch with hidden junco in background.  Nuthatch on left, one of our trio of CB Chickadees on the right. Pre-digital Bewick’s Wren…analog…logged on.  Twittering in third shot:… Continue reading JAN-GALLERY