Nagahama-rama Pt. 1 長浜へ行こう、その一

Yo! Biwako

Blue Lights Nagahama

In October 2017, I was graciously invited to visit Nagahama on some short group tours (I know I’m late!). I had never visited before, so it was all rather exciting. Nagahama, like the rest of Shiga, is a really interesting place, steeped in history, and where many ancient Japanese cultural practices still thrive.

Kinomoto Station

We all met at Kinomoto station on a cloudy morning and, after a few introductions, we were on our way to our first destination: Marusan Hashimoto, makers of silk strings. More specifically, they make strings for traditional Japanese instruments, as well as other traditional Asian instruments. They’re one of only few factories in the world to still make them today and have clients all around the globe. Our guide was the current Mr.Hashimoto himself, the fourth one to head the company.


He explained a few things about the strings—their history, what…

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