The Red-eyed Vireo dip

SzimiStyle Birding

Just after I left Spurn two weeks ago, another incredible American rarity turned up in the nearby Easington village on 12 October. It was one of the multiple Red-eyed Vireos in Great Britain this autumn.

The Sporn Red-eyed Vireo was well seen by many birders while stayed in Easington. This photo was kindly offered by Brian Martin. All rights reserved by the photographer.

I got to Spurn early, and with the first lights and I headed to the Spurn Point where the bird was seen multiple times in the previous days. Several birders tried to find the bird what was reportedly seen briefly at dawn, but no specific location has been given.

Drizzle clouds over the North Sea early in the morning. © Gyorgy Szimuly

After more than 4 hours zigzagging in the shrub and already 7 miles in my feet, I started my long and exhausting walk back…

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