Birding on the Wangchu orThimphu Chu, Bhutan

The Natural Traveller

Birding on the Wangchu or Thimphu Chu, Bhutan

When:  October 2019     Weather: Cool 10C

Leica M10P 35mm Summilux, Nikon P900, Sony alpha55 70-200mm G lens

The last time I was here in Bhutan, we stayed at the Druk Hotel in town.  This time we were booked into the Terma Linca resort about 15min south of Thimphu on the way to Paro airport.  Looking at the resort on Google maps, it looked promising as the property sits right on the bank of the Wangchu/Thimphu Chu (river) and is fringed by greenery….just my type of place for a short early morning or evening ramble to bird…

L1004836 Arriving after dark at the Terma Linca resort just outside Thimphu, it wasn’t immediately obvious how close we were to the river..

L1005183 As the sun rose in the morning, the serene surroundings emerged

L1005011-2 The river Wang Chu…I thought it was called the Thimphu Chu until…

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