2019 Shorebird Numbers Reflect a Safer Shoreline


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What happened here? Let’s cut back on the…


Last week and Friday I decided to take the day off to work on trimming a few of my trees. This turned out to be one of the best decisions that I could have made. I ended up trimming back more than seven trees that really needed the attention. It was also just what I needed after the busy week I had prior to that. I get my energy from spending time working on my bonsai collection. Nothing else gives me more joy.

If you follow me on social media you would have seen the photos that I posted and the short videos of the trees before and after I have trimmed them. For those of you that do not follow me on social media please see my social media handles below:

Twitter: @bonsaiwithroman
Instagram: @romanolsamuels
Facebook: @bonsaiwithromano

I will be showing you the how the trees looked before and…

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Making It Up As I Go

I have always wanted a Bonsai. I tried to make one about 15 years ago, but I failed miserably. Mainly because I didn’t put in the care and effort needed to keep it alive. So why not try again..? I am using this as a zen inspired activity. Keeping it watered and trimmed from time to time will help to calm and relax.

I picked up a small juniper since they are the heartiest and easiest to form. I took it out of the plastic pot and planted it into a new clay pot. Unfortunately the pot I do have is a tad large for the roots. A healthy bonsai needs to have the roots trimmed as well as the branches. Unless I want the tree to grow fairly large. So another transplant may occur by the end of summer. We’ll see how it does.

Then came the time to…

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