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Fairburn&StAidan’s (@RSPBAireValley) Tweeted: We’ve got some fabulous events coming up at #FairburnIngs ❄️☃️🎄 Whether you fancy getting crafty, learning about our wildlife or a festive outing with all the family we’ve got you covered! Booking is available in the visitor centre, via facebook or on our Eventbrite page. ( Continue reading Tweet from Fairburn&StAidan’s (@RSPBAireValley)

Red Knot pay the price for being fussy eaters!

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In a fascinating comparison of weight gained by Red Knot and Ruddy Turnstone during spring migration in Delaware Bay, on America’s east-coast flyway, Anna Tucker and colleagues show that Knot are far more vulnerable to annual variations in their main food supply than more flexible Turnstones, which target the same food if it is available. Given that changing weather patterns, associated… Continue reading Red Knot pay the price for being fussy eaters!