Phipps Conservatory


One of my favorite stops in Pittsburgh was at the #PhippsConservatory, a #publicgarden that was offered as a gift to the city from Henry W. Phipps, and opened in 1893. Encompassing the indoor gardens was a grande #glass structure that fit beautifully in the green space just outside the towering buildings that make up downtown, with the added bonus of an award winning #cafe offering certified #greenmenu options found just in the entryway. Once inside, you have the option of taking the elevator or stairs up to the #botanical displays that branch out on both sides of the main hall…tickets for those 18 and under are $11.95, while adults are $17.95, giving untimed access to roam the various #exhibits and learn something about #horticulture. I especially liked the #VanGogh in Bloom, which showed the plant life that inspired some of his most known #artwork…

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