Snipe seeking in Singapore

The Natural Traveller

Snipe seeking in Singapore

When:  February 2019    Weather: Hot 25C

Nikon P900 and Sony A55 with 70-400mm x2TC

With reports of the painted snipe and pin-tailed snipe in the Neo Tiew area of Singapore and my little 10 yr old niece from Scotland wanting to bird, we set off at 7am to the area where they had been sighted…

Traipsing along a little canal side, we looked for the other photographers and we started seeing some activity in and around the water where the canal turned and disappeared…

DSCN1602 a wood sandpiper on a mudbank from afar

DSCN1558 Wood sandpipers foraging

DSCN1657 and on the muddy shore, a little ring plover

DSCN1664 little ring plover

DSCN1660 little ring plover

DSCN1662 egret

DSCN1618 and then from behind the greenery the unmistakeable features of the painted snipe appeared!

DSCN1624 painted snipe and wood sandpiper

SONY DSC front view

SONY DSC back view

DSCN1588 Painted snipe : photo by Emily Chong

And then in a…

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