#Bonsaicare : Consistent pruning and the long term effects


Why choose a subject like consistency when talking about pruning you might think. I deliberately chose this topic as I find myself setting things off more and more now that I am running my own company. I prioritize things more according to the return on investment. What I mean by that is that if I have to choose between spending two hours trimming trees or working on leads to generate more clients I tend to go with the latter more often than not. Trimming and pruning trees are not always at the top of my list. You can always catch up on trimming later is the small lie I keep on telling myself even though I know it not to be true. Do you find yourself in the same position? Then keep on reading this blog as I will be sharing my experience with delaying pruning.

Here are a few…

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Top 75 Bonsai Blogs – We are on the list


Check this out. We are currently sitting at number 43 on the Feedspot Best 75 Bonsai Blogs list. That serves as a great encouragement to do even better and to bring you things that matter to Bonsai people. You can help further by reblogging my posts, liking some posts and I do encourage people to comment. It helps us all to grow as artists, horticulturists and Bonsai enthusiasts generally. Thank you for the support.



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Ryo_T on Instagram: “2019.10.22 盆栽 . . Twitterで定期的に開催される盆栽展の「ツイ盆展」 誰でも気軽に #ツイ盆展…”

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2019.10.22 盆栽 . . Twitterで定期的に開催される盆栽展の「ツイ盆展」 誰でも気軽に #ツイ盆展 と付けて写真を投稿するだけなので僕も参加してます📸 8月開催の第9回では世界遺産の姫路城を背景に使った作品でいいね賞をいただきました✌🏼 9月開催の第10回ではテーマ「男の盆栽 女の盆栽」だったので戦国時代の武士の出陣前夜を表現した作品で優秀賞をいただきました😭 そして現在開催中の第11回ではテーマフリーなので秋の枯山水庭園を表現した作品を出品しました 賞が取れるかどうかわかりませんが色々考えながら盆栽を飾って1つの作品にしていくのは楽しいもんです✨ . #盆栽 #ベランダ盆栽#BONSAI #小品盆栽#中品盆栽 #松盆栽#黒松#五葉松 #世界遺産#国宝#姫路城 #戦国時代#武士 #枯山水#庭園

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