A very special Sanctuary

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Are you familiar with the infamous plume trade that supplied the millinery industry just over 100 years ago? This sign at the entrance to the?Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, near Naples, Florida, provides a glimpse into the history behind this practice . . . and, this incredible place.?I cringe to think about it, but literally millions of beautiful wetland birds, like… Continue reading A very special Sanctuary

One of a kind

Originally posted on Birder's Journey:
When I first started noticing wading wetland birds on my trips to Florida about a decade ago, one particularly large, somewhat awkward-looking bird really caught my eye – the wonderful, one-of-a-kind Wood Stork! Wood Storks are the only stork native to North America, and they are found in the marshes, lakes, swamps and other wetlands of Florida. One often… Continue reading One of a kind

Camas Refuge – October 2019

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Tuesday October 22, 2019 I had a doctor’s appointment in Idaho Falls in the late afternoon, so I rewarded myself for good behavior and spent the evening birding in Camas. Hundreds of Sandhill cranes were landing, eating, walking, and flying overhead. — Jenny American kestrel Mule deer & Sandhill cranes Sandhill cranes Assorted ducks A few more ducks and geese Gorgeous… Continue reading Camas Refuge – October 2019