Scots pine – Wiring


I’ve been a bit late working on my trees this year, having moved house. This year this Chuhin sized Scots pine will require a repot. So I decided to wire and style the tree in preparation.

I’ve had the tree now for two growing seasons. So I’ve been maximising the number of needles on the tree to promote as much growth as possible. Next year I will be looking at refining the image and reducing the length in the smaller branches. I choose this front so that I could bring the foliage down and highlight the twist and turn at the top of the tree. Although there are lots of alternative fronts.

I love the bark on this tree… Horribly flakey so I’ll need patience and care for repotting 🤔 photo 78F453B3-DB6B-4D8E-9F39-ECB7408F20DB.jpg
 photo A8BCD044-FD27-447E-931D-83B1F0F2CC2E.jpg
 photo C8D83985-47EF-4692-83E7-3F18AC7A3650.jpg
 photo 9A77FDDE-94E5-410E-B074-A101CEEAF3BF.jpg
 photo E28FC0A6-864C-476A-B679-1CAC81E74916.jpg
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