Clump Japanese Maple Repot

Bonsai Baker

I decided to change the pot on this Maple as I wasn’t keen on the lip on the pot. I picked up the new pot from Sperling Keramics at Bonsai Europa last year. I think the new pot is a better size for the tree in Winter image. I’ll have to wait and see what’s it like in leaf.


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An unusual Bird Party


Last week, whilst in the Kruger Park, we were fortunate to witness a really interesting bird party.  With the ongoing drought, the river levels were very low and at one pool on the Letaba River, we noticed a large number of birds.  Unfortunately it was on the far side of the wide riverbed, so we could not get close, but what we did see was astounding.

_MG_0204 Assorted members of the Party

We counted around 70 Great White Pelicans, 35 Marabou Storks, 20 Yellow-Billed Storks, 15 Grey Herons, 10 African Openbills, 3 Hamerkops, along with assorted Striated Herons, Water Thick-Knees, a Goliath Heron, a Pied Kingfisher and 3 African Fish Eagles (2 of which were juveniles).  There was plenty of activity with the birds foraging and rushing back and forth and every now and then furious interaction between Marabou Storks and the Fish Eagles.  Only after looking at my rather poor…

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