Repotting Some Shohin Hawthorns

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Today has been the hottest day of the year so far, in fact it almost felt like Spring was on the way. I remember thinking that this time last year just before the temperatures plummeted and we went into the coldest Spring since records began. Ever the optimist, I decided that now is the time to begin the new seasons’ repotting. If I’ve miss-timed this I can always invest in a portable heater for the greenhouse. The first to be dealt with are 3  hawthorns They were collected from the hedge which surrounds my garden and have been in training as shohin bonsai for about 4 years.


This little group are beginning to show some promise and will make nice shohin trees in a few years time.

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Scots Pine Repot

Scratch Bonsai

DSC_0170 Before

Time to repot this chuhin sized collected Scots Pine I acquired last year. After purchasing from a friend, I left it to acclimatise to my garden for around six months then last August it was initially wired and left as you see it above.

I’ve always had a literati style in mind for this one and recently came across a mica drum pot that I think is just about the right size. The wire did its job and was removed first.  Then the tree repotted and also some branches pruned back a bit.  I want the foliage quite sparse eventually and some back budding is needed over the next few years.

DSC_0172 After

I also did a wee virtual of what it could look like in a few years:


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Landscape Juniper to Bonsai


This landscape juniper was collected from a landscape project we did in the Spring of 2011.  It sat in its own soil for 2 years (luckily that soil was sandy and kept the tree alive).  Then I repotted the tree into this myca pot with bonsai soil about 2 years ago.  I’m not sure what variety of juniper this is but the foliage have a light green color to it (probably Golden Juniper).  At first,  I tried to graft a shimpaku juniper last year but probably did not do it right and I got impatient.  After accepting that I will keep its own foliage the way it is, I styled the tree for the first time this last fall and winter.

I was thinking of a much smaller tree but since this is my first time to style it, I left myself with options and some insurance.   I left two apex (s) to this tree.   I…

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Creativity, Bonsai, Learning and Art: My Thoughts


I truly believe that creativity and to create is not just a mental need that all people need in their lives, but it is also a physical need. To create takes one out of your comfort zone and puts you in places where you have not been before. My choice of Art that I use to feed my creative spirit is Bonsai creation. I will be the first to admit that I probably spend a lot more time on the husbandry, maintenance and redesign of Bonsai than what I do creating Bonsai, but that is part and parcel of what we do as Bonsai artists. One of the main reasons why I am involved in this Art form is that it is never complete. You are constantly searching, asking questions and probing for your creation to become a master piece. Does that ever happen? I have not seen it in…

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Bonsai Eejit

I got out collecting again a few weeks ago with Phil. We managed to get back on to our old Hawthorn site. As my shoulder and neck are not really up to the task any more, I had Jeff my spade buddy along to help. It was Jeff’s first time collecting and after wind hail and even snow, it might be his last 🙂

Part of the site

Jeff perched on the edge

Dayglo Phil


Up in the heights

I see him

That one can stay where it is!

Jeff playing hide and seek, he’s very good at it.

The weather moved in. Grim 😦

Hard to light up 🙂

Some of the booty

Just before I dropped my phone in the muck!

Too big but beautiful, and the trees not bad either.

I got some smaller Blackthorn as well as Hawthorn. At the end of the day I…

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