Old Joe Yew

Bonsai Eejit

This tree is with me until the end of either it or me 🙂 Perhaps not the best material in the world but I have a sentimental attachment to this tree due to it’s provenance. You can catch up with that here along with other links. 

As I’m keeping it, I decided it was time for a better pot. I have recently acquired this Walsall Ceramic pot which I think adds to the negative space required to emphasise the height of the tree. It’s a glazed pot but subtle which I like for this tree. I under planted a few small Japanese Ferns to help hide a few issues and also emphasise the height of the tree.

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Japanese Larch

Bonsai Baker

I’m having difficulty getting access to my computer at the moment hence the slow down in posting. I’ve asked Ian to post a few images of my Larch that we styled today to keep you updated.

DSC_0395DSC_0419DSC_0426DSC_0459DSC_0461This is an unusual tree due to the base and lower trunk movement. I’m trying to find some older photos of this to share and explain some of the history behind it. I’ll update it here when I do.

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First Bonsai Saturday Morning at Buds Garden Center

Munster Bonsai Club

Last Saturday, “Bud” garden center in Bunratty Co. Clare had first monthly meting for all bonsai lovers. It was wonderful sunny morning, so we could work on ours trees outdoor. Here we have some pictures ( not many because it is to hard work on tree and take pictures in the same time, we need to employ  some professional camera operator lol)

pictures above – small display bench to promote our club

pictures above – the trees we have been working on

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