Neil Murray

Found this guy just as I arrived.  It was passing in front of some tall grass that was getting the early morning light, making a colorful background for the photo.


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Great Blue Heron

Neil Murray

I’ve made the switch to the Sony camera system and added a new lens first thing yesterday morning (waiting by the door for the store to open).   So, on the way home I had to stop and take some photos.  By that time the temps were in the mid eighties, the sky was bright and sunny, and the birds were mostly somewhere else.  There was this guy though , resting after spearing and eating a fish.


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My favourite wildlife memories and experiences

Stonechat42 wildlife

Today I want to write a brief blog post to discuss some of the experiences in my life that have led me to enjoy wildlife and kept me passionate because I think that they are very important to remember. Firstly, one of the most magical experiences for me was seeing a nightjar for the first time. This was during the BTO bird camp which must have been in 2017. The nightjar was being ringed and I got to see it very close which really intrigued me as I had never seen one before, only in pictures. It was something that I had always wanted to see and was so excited, making the experience a very clear memory for me.

Secondly, visiting the RSPB Arne reserve was a memorable experience for me. My father and I had visited the reserve countless times constantly on the search for the Dartford warbler, which…

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