Wire Pass 2019

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Pam and I have been busy this Spring with house related issues which made this road trip a much-needed break. Earlier in the year we had planned two separate trips with four other folks, but ended up combining the trips into one, making it more enjoyable. We headed out of town with our new travel partners, Clark and Jill, and their… Continue reading Wire Pass 2019

Review: Enigma of the Owl

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PG 46: Burrowing Owl drives an American Badger away from its nesting burrow. The Enigma of the Owl: An illustrated natural history By Mike Unwin and David Tipling Hardcover: 288 pages Publisher: Yale University Press, 2017 Language: English ISBN-10: 0300222734 ISBN-13: 978-0300222739 I find myself at a loss to describe this lovely book. So I’m going to quote from Amazon: “A… Continue reading Review: Enigma of the Owl

Review: Owls by Taylor

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My Burrowing owl information quest continues. This time it’s another library book that is a beautifully illustrated overview of owls. Not comprehensive in scope or content but a nice addition to any owl book library. The index includes scientific name and some common groupings such as barn owls, but not by every common name. Only 41 species are included in the… Continue reading Review: Owls by Taylor