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Wire Pass 2019


Pam and I have been busy this Spring with house related issues which made this road trip a much-needed break. Earlier in the year we had planned two separate trips with four other folks, but ended up combining the trips into one, making it more enjoyable.

We headed out of town with our new travel partners, Clark and Jill, and their Sprinter RV. Given our late start, or it could have been good planning, we ended up at THAT Brewery in Pine for a nice dinner. We then headed up on top of the Rim and camped for the night at Clint’s Wells CG. We’ve driven by the place many times, but never camped there. The four of us had the place to ourselves for the night. Being a weeknight and a little chilly at that altitude, there wasn’t any traffic on Lake Mary Road, which made the evening nice…

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Chaco Canyon 2019


We arrived at Navajo National Monument and went into the visitor center to see if there was a tour the next day down to the Betatakin cliff dwelling ruins. There was not one planned, but the Ranger called the guide and he agreed to do one the next day for us – awesome. More folks joined in after us too.

We found a campsite with Clark and Jill and shortly after Kirk and Kathy arrived from their backpacking adventure in Paria Canyon. It was Cinco de Mayo so we had a huge Mexican food night complete with margaritas – ole’. The next morning, our guide left early on the hike, but the Ranger took us down to the trailhead where he and the others doing the hike were waiting for us to arrive.

There are two ways down to Betatakin, the shorter route down a few hundred stairs carved out…

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