My favourite wildlife memories and experiences

Stonechat42 wildlife

Today I want to write a brief blog post to discuss some of the experiences in my life that have led me to enjoy wildlife and kept me passionate because I think that they are very important to remember. Firstly, one of the most magical experiences for me was seeing a nightjar for the first time. This was during the BTO bird camp which must have been in 2017. The nightjar was being ringed and I got to see it very close which really intrigued me as I had never seen one before, only in pictures. It was something that I had always wanted to see and was so excited, making the experience a very clear memory for me.

Secondly, visiting the RSPB Arne reserve was a memorable experience for me. My father and I had visited the reserve countless times constantly on the search for the Dartford warbler, which…

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