What’s Up? – The Eye of the Storm

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The Eye of the Storm

The past week was a tough one for me, not only for the crazy weather but a little closer to myself. Just a few days after I got surgery in my right eye, I accidentally hit the eye that had surgery recently. It was a painful experience ( I cursed a storm)  Generally, I  always try to be extra careful with all things that require care, but that didn’t include involuntary things, in other words, involuntary accidents.

The doctor examined my eye in question, and he told me there was absolutely no damage to the eye, however, it was bruised;  this by consequence extend the recovery time.  I’m not supposed to drive for now. 

I’m extremely sensitive to light at the moment but the eyes will eventually adjust to normal.

I had days when I couldn’t stand the…

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Birders document the impressive array of wintering bird species

Grid Magazine

By Bernard Brown

Dawn over the Delaware River painted clouds rose and orange in the frigid morning air as three participants in the Philadelphia Mid-Winter Bird Census stepped out of a hatchback.

Keith Russell, Shawn Towey and Patrick McGill stood at the base of the driveway for Pulaski Park in North Philadelphia, binoculars in hand, and confronted an unexpected construction fence. Undeterred, they found a gap to slip through and made their way to the water’s edge.

Pulaski Park covers a strip of land along the edge of a wide pier that pokes out into the river. Ducks, many asleep with their heads tucked back, bobbed softly in the water between the park and another pier downriver. Ring-billed gulls flew upriver as the sun emerged, dispersing from their roosts to forage across the city.

Russell, an urban conservation program manager with Audubon Pennsylvania, is the founder of Philadelphia’s census.


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The 84th Boonton Christmas Bird Count Report – 2019


The White Red-tailed Hawk of Watnong Mountain (photo by Chuck Hantis)

The 84th annual Boonton Christmas Bird Count (CBC) occurred on Sunday, December 22, 2019, the first full day of winter. Temperatures at dawn were in the 18°F range but warmed up to 46° in the afternoon. 45 dedicated participants enjoyed a beautiful day outside.

The week leading up to the count was frigid. Most shallow lakes and ponds were frozen. Enough water remained open to get some waterfowl numbers at least. 

Recent rains caused local flooding but generally, conditions were as good as can be this time of year.

94 species were tallied along with two count week additions. This is better than the recent average and a testament to the wide coverage of the count circle.

2 count-week species, Common Loon, and Northern Goshawk are part of the record although not included in the actual totals for the…

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