A Bunnings Ginseng Fig


This is my second bonsai blog post and my second owned bonsai. This little fella is one of those Ginseng figs that can be seen at most garden stores, either sold as a bonsai or in a nursery container. This one came in a nursery container so it was only about $5 and all I had to do was re-pot it higher up in a bonsai pot and walla! The bonsai worlds most annoying commercialized non-bonsai bonsai. I’m only saying this because most other bonsai blogs rip on ginseng ficus or otherwise more correctly known as either ficus microcarpa or could be variations of tiger bark fig. Yea so I wanted to fit in. But really I like this tree because I like all trees, and this is a fig, so they can become very nice aesthetically with proper care. This guy, though at the moment in his state as…

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