“Pixtures” of a Wee Tree

Originally posted on futterwithtrees:
I thought it was about time I posted a Pic or two of some trees. This Japanese Larch has been in training for some years and received it’s first real styling by Phil in winter 2014. Robert Porch added some refinement of the 2014 growth and improved the image in March 2015. He refined it further a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading “Pixtures” of a Wee Tree

Creativity Excercise: Scrappy Juniper to Bonsai

BONSAIKO This juniper is definitely one material that could challenge someone’s creativity.  I collected this juniper from a client’s yard last Spring.  A branch from a larger juniper touched the ground and in time it rooted.  This was that branch, and it had enough roots that last year it grew like it didn’t skip a beat.   When I potted it last spring, I immediately potted in … Continue reading Creativity Excercise: Scrappy Juniper to Bonsai