Why Bonsai Trees are Good for you?


Bonsai is an ancient art of growing and keeping small trees. In Japanese bonsai means “Planted in a container”. I love history and it was very interesting fact that about a 1000 years ago, the Japanese copied the Chinese art and adapted it to their local circumstances. In the West, Bonsai tree was introduced in the end of 19th century and became very popular.

Normally bonsai look like very different, it depends on the type of the tree and how the owner takes care and trim it. There are many benefits of having a bonsai tree. They can clean and purify your energy and it makes your home more cozy and peaceful, bonsai helps you to meditate. Did you know that a Tree yoga pose is a Bonsai tree visualization?

2 weeks ago I had my bday and I wanted to buy something special and meaningful for me. By…

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Bonsai: Early Beginnings

Fluid Interpretations - 流利的翻译

Bonsai: Early Beginnings

Written by – Mark Bell

Following a war, the victorious forces move to occupy the conquered land, and for a brief time the best and worst parts of their conquered enemy are on display. This was definitely the case after the allied victory over Japan after the Second World War. For the first time in history ordinary soldiers from middle or low class society were witnesses to parts of Japanese culture that would normally be reserved for diplomats or political elite. One part that revealed was the art of bonsai. As Japan opened up to regular Westerners through the occupying forces there began to be a blending of culture, the art of bonsai moved into the west and has only since then grown in popularity.

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