My First Bonsai


My journey with bonsai trees began in February 2014 when my partner gifted me my first bonsai. I was so happy and eager to begin shaping it, however little did I know it had a long way to go. I had no experience in bonsai and did not know the difference between a sappling and an actual tree. The tree given to me was a Serissa foetida or “night of a thousand stars tree” it was quiet pretty and I left it to grow on it’s own, watering it as it should be done to keep it healthy. At one point though somewhere around March there was a storm and it feel out of it’s pot that cracked. The tree then proceeded to freak out and lose all of its leaves. I had faith in it and kept watering the tree in its new pot and sure enough it came back.

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A Bunnings Ginseng Fig


This is my second bonsai blog post and my second owned bonsai. This little fella is one of those Ginseng figs that can be seen at most garden stores, either sold as a bonsai or in a nursery container. This one came in a nursery container so it was only about $5 and all I had to do was re-pot it higher up in a bonsai pot and walla! The bonsai worlds most annoying commercialized non-bonsai bonsai. I’m only saying this because most other bonsai blogs rip on ginseng ficus or otherwise more correctly known as either ficus microcarpa or could be variations of tiger bark fig. Yea so I wanted to fit in. But really I like this tree because I like all trees, and this is a fig, so they can become very nice aesthetically with proper care. This guy, though at the moment in his state as…

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Megalo Bonsai / Print

The Screaming Wall

So last weekend I checked out the BONSAI / PRINT show held at Megalo. The show curates the work of printmakers and bonsaïka surrounding carefully cultivated trees with printed works, both large and small. As usual, the Megalo shows are interesting and showcase the talent of local artist. This one is around until the end of April, so check it out.

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Social media bonsai hag

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

If you’ve been following the various social media platforms I subscribe to, I’ve posted a few pics of a celtis lævigata I collected a few years ago. My original intent was to chronicle the progression only on those sites by posting a photo every once in a while. Like this: on March 7th, 2016 on Instagram.

I had just potted it into bonsai soil and a training pot and added wire/pruned it.

Here it was ten days later.

Working on the tree just the other day, doing all the wiring and defoliating, and pruning, I realized that my audience really wouldn’t learn anything from simple progression pics spaced out with weeks between them. I made a commitment when I started the blog that I was not going to just show before and after pics of near finished trees. If I did that, it wouldn’t differentiate me from most of the…

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The Beauty of a Bonsai

Moss and Fog

Bonsai trees have always enthralled us. The ability to keep a miniature tree growing for hundreds of years is strange and fascinating. Some specimens have the feel of a full forest within a small potted environment, which is truly remarkable. Here are some exceptional examples of bonsai beauty. Via BoredPanda:

amazing-bonsai-trees-32-5710fb37868f7__700 Coastal Redwood

amazing-bonsai-trees-1-1-5710e7828a6d0__700 Azalea

amazing-bonsai-trees-2-1-5710e789c26e6__700 Wisteria

amazing-bonsai-trees-3-1-5710e79064ec0__700 Sakura

amazing-bonsai-trees-5-1-5710e79582acc__700 Apple Tree

amazing-bonsai-trees-12-5710ed059e7f7__700 Apple Tree

amazing-bonsai-trees-13-5710ed962c1f6__700 Miniature forest

amazing-bonsai-trees-15-5710eeb31ea38__700 Maple

amazing-bonsai-trees-22-5710f3ab92e45__700 800 Year Old Bonsai!

amazing-bonsai-trees-23-5710f40da1982__700 380 Year Old Bonsai

amazing-bonsai-trees-31-5710fa291dd89__700 Hobbitown, anyone?

amazing-bonsai-trees-33-5710fb98a901e__700 Natural Bonsai

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Ficus Maximus

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

This is a true gem. Not a green gem. Maybe a kinmen or Kemang or Kidman or Kingman, depending on your accent and the English pronunciation of Chinese you prefer. But it’s good.

You wouldn’t think it’s a gem, from that view.

Or this one. Methinks I need a bit of divine inspiration to complete this project, because this tea ain’t cuttin’ it, today, for sure.

So, like The wise man sayeth, “Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder”Cowabunga!

Some history on the tree: I originally got it from Old Florida Bonsai in Vero Beach. It was a part of a batch I procured for the Columbus, Ohio club as a part of my Mid-America Tour a few years back (I’ll be seeing you guys and Cincy again mid-June, 2016). No one picked it or bought it, so it came home. I then offered it to the good…

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