Megalo Bonsai / Print

Originally posted on The Screaming Wall:
So last weekend I checked out the BONSAI / PRINT show held at Megalo. The show curates the work of printmakers and bonsaïka surrounding carefully cultivated trees with printed works, both large and small. As usual, the Megalo shows are interesting and showcase the talent of local artist. This one is around until the end of April, so check… Continue reading Megalo Bonsai / Print

The Beauty of a Bonsai

Moss and Fog Bonsai trees have always enthralled us. The ability to keep a miniature tree growing for hundreds of years is strange and fascinating. Some specimens have the feel of a full forest within a small potted environment, which is truly remarkable. Here are some exceptional examples of bonsai beauty. Via BoredPanda: Coastal Redwood Azalea Wisteria Sakura Apple Tree Apple Tree Miniature forest Maple … Continue reading The Beauty of a Bonsai