Orange County Bonsai Society Exhibition

Nate's Nursery

Here are photos of the trees from this show at the Sherman Library & Gardens.


IMG_3433 Olive – Tom Vuong

IMG_3437 Liquidambar – Wayne Wolfe

IMG_3441 Korean Hornbeam – Ken Schlothan

IMG_3447 Chinese Elm – David Melitz

IMG_3453 Ginkgo Forest – Deborah Mauzy-Melitz

IMG_3455 Cork Bark Portulacaria Afra – Gary Lai

IMG_3459 Prostrata Juniper – Jason Chan

IMG_3466 Shohin Catlin Elm – Joyce Gibbs

IMG_3467 4 Point Shohin Display (JBP, Olive, Cork Bark Elm, Ficus Burt-Davyi) – Joyce Gibbs

IMG_3476 Bougainvillea – Paul Minerich

IMG_3481 Prostrata Juniper (Grafted Itoigawa) – Gary Lai

IMG_3491 Hackberry Forest – John Deluca

IMG_3494 Liquidambar Forest – Ken Schlothan

IMG_3497 Kishu Shimpaku Juniper – Wayne Wolfe

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