I call it the Tropical Broom style…..

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One of my favorite trees. But, as is often the case in life, we tend to ignore those things we love the most.

Look at it.

Full of weeds….

The roots are overgrown.

Ii is dressed it in some fantastic clothes though….or, well, in a fantastic bonsai pot, that is.

I’ll show you more of it in a bit, when I get to the repot.

Those roots are so gnarly, I swear it can get up and move by itself on the bench.

Here’s the establishing shot, as they say in the movies. The tree, glowing, all Komorebi style, in all its glory.

It looks good from afar, I know, but up close, you can see the real problem.


Scale and….


Thats correct.

The scourge of ficus worldwide, the plague that makes nurserymen and greenhouse managers shudder with fear and trepidation…….

………the evil………the dreaded…….WHITEFLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Squashed some under…

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