A Kettle of Hawks

Picture Walks February 2, 2019 Today’s adventure took us to the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Raptor Fest which we thought would be a really fun activity, but didn’t even consider the possibility that hoards of other people might also think it would be a fun activity on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Florida! Not exactly what we had in mind. Harris HawkBlack Hawk Eagle So, … Continue reading A Kettle of Hawks

Beak of the Week: Pileated Woodpecker

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I have to interrupt our normally scheduled program, on warblers and other migrants, to share this incredible bird encounter from yesterday! I (finally) made my way out of NW Ohio, after days of lingering, and planned a stop at Eagle Creek Park, outside of Indianapolis. I was so impressed by this park and its 3900 acres of forests and… Continue reading Beak of the Week: Pileated Woodpecker

Keep Looking Up That’s The Secret Of Life

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F/7.1, 1/200, ISO 320. Pileated Woodpecker What did one eyeball say to the other eyeball? Between you and me something smells. Interesting Fact: A Pileated Woodpecker pair stays together on its territory all year round. It will defend the territory in all seasons, but will tolerate new arrivals during the winter. ( https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Pileated_Woodpecker/lifehistory ) Continue reading Keep Looking Up That’s The Secret Of Life