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Yamadori Post-Dig Care

Nate's Nursery

To see the removal process I went through to get this baby out read my earlier blog post. I got the bagged California Juniper home and began unwrapping so fast that I forgot to take pictures of it happening…
I made sure to make the cuts clean to facilitate root growth once potted up. Make sure to do this on all of the large cuts you make to the roots. 

Here you can see all of the smaller roots coming out of the root ball.

I cut these clean off right at the edge of the soil. This is another place that roots will emerge. Typically these are ripped and not cleanly cut. Leaving them without a clean cut can be a major factor when the tree is trying to recover. 

After that I cut back the long thick roots to better be able to fit this into a…

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Orange County Bonsai Society Exhibition

Nate's Nursery

Here are photos of the trees from this show at the Sherman Library & Gardens.


IMG_3433 Olive – Tom Vuong

IMG_3437 Liquidambar – Wayne Wolfe

IMG_3441 Korean Hornbeam – Ken Schlothan

IMG_3447 Chinese Elm – David Melitz

IMG_3453 Ginkgo Forest – Deborah Mauzy-Melitz

IMG_3455 Cork Bark Portulacaria Afra – Gary Lai

IMG_3459 Prostrata Juniper – Jason Chan

IMG_3466 Shohin Catlin Elm – Joyce Gibbs

IMG_3467 4 Point Shohin Display (JBP, Olive, Cork Bark Elm, Ficus Burt-Davyi) – Joyce Gibbs

IMG_3476 Bougainvillea – Paul Minerich

IMG_3481 Prostrata Juniper (Grafted Itoigawa) – Gary Lai

IMG_3491 Hackberry Forest – John Deluca

IMG_3494 Liquidambar Forest – Ken Schlothan

IMG_3497 Kishu Shimpaku Juniper – Wayne Wolfe

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Pomegranate Splitting

Nate's Nursery

This pomegranate is the same one from this post that I dug up right as it was beginning to leaf out. It recovered really well and pushed several flushes of growth with a few being in the Fall. I decided to repot it and take it apart to let it recover in what is planned to be the final resting place.IMG_3334If you remember from the previous post, I flat cut the bottom horizontally with my reciprocating saw. When I removed this from the pot I could not find evidence of the flat cut bottom.

I decided to proceed in cutting it apart using the same reciprocating saw.
IMG_3340IMG_3338IMG_3339I still had a significant root system on most things that I cut away. I had a few stragglers that fell off during the separation that might make it since they had a few roots connected.

I got to a point where…

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Nate's Nursery

I went to Bonsai-A-Thon at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. Here were the trees on display for the exhibition. DSC_0580
Japanese Black Pine
Flowering PlumDSC_0589
Shimpaku Juniper
Coast Live Oak
Shimpaku JuniperIMG_3838
Cedar ElmIMG_3845IMG_3847
Chinese ElmIMG_3851
Shohin Display
Japanese Black Pine, Silverberry (Eleagnus Pungens), Chinese Elm, Korean Hornbeam, Japanese Quince
Satsuki Azalea (on the left) IMG_3853IMG_3854IMG_3855IMG_3856IMG_3857IMG_3859

The amount of trees was a bit less than I expected, but they were all great regardless. The flowering plum, coast live oak, and the large shimpaku juniper were my favorites. The oak didn’t have any large scaring that was unsightly, it was amazing.

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Crape Myrtle #1 Repot

Nate's Nursery

This crape myrtle has been in the ground for about a year and a half. I was hoping to thicken the trunk below the junction of the two main trunks. I got several “suckers” below it, so I’m hoping to see a significant thickening there.

When working through the roots I make sure to frequently wet the roots. This is to counter the sun and light wind that is happening while I’m performing this repot. I definitely don’t want the roots to dry out and damage the tree.
I found a significant amount of roots above where I remember the base being, so I continue to chopstick down until I can see the flaring of the original base.
I had to clean my space every now and then to clear out unwanted roots and dirt.
I finally reached a section where two main roots were emerging from the trunk.

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