A couple o’ three ficus. Just because, well…..ficus

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I’ve been a little more mobile of late, after getting off The Machine. (Welcome my Friends! Welcome…to The Machine!) It’s the same machine I was allegorically referencing in the postA Paintinga few articles ago, a negative pressure wound therapy contraption that helped in the healing of that foot long midline incision I was left with after my last surgery (of which I’m still offering signed photographic prints, hit me up, I’m having a half off sale!).

Anyway, here are three ficus (Fici? Ficuses? Bah, who knows, there haven’t been any Romans around to ask for millennia).

The first is my small, banyan style ficus microcarpa. Sharp readers of the blog will notice the different background. I am doing so well that I was able to drop in on the Bonsai Society of Brevard’s monthly study group at Dr. Reggie Purdue’s house.

Dave came along too….. Although he looks…

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