Misconceptions And Truths About Bonsai

Colour Outside The Lines

What Is Bonsai ?

Bonsai is a miniature, container-grown tree that generally adheres to Japanese principles. Each Bonsai Tree is an art that is ever-growing and constantly changing, it is an art that is never complete. The term “Bonsai” literally means, “planted in a container” in Japanese. Bonsai is a tradition and an exquisite, ancient, horticultural form of art dating back thousands of years in China and Japan. Bonsai trees, like beautiful paintings, give the grower a sense of effort and satisfaction, while giving the viewer a mode of contemplation.

Banyan Bonsai

Where did I learn about Bonsai?

I chanced upon Bonsai, at a masterclass held in Bangalore, India, by ‘You,me and Bonsai’  who invited Bonsai Master T.B Govindraj to conduct it, as an initiative to spread practical knowledge about Bonsai, and clear a lot of Bonsai related fallacies.

What misconceptions did I have that ‘You Me and Bonsai’ Helped clarify?

  1. I…

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