A Rally Call for Ents!


Note: this week we have a special guest helping with the post. Ladies and gentlemen, straight from Middle Earth, the Shepard of the Trees, Treebeard!

Hrum, hoom

Greetings, fellow Ents. I have called this Entmoot to tell you of a threat to all our lands.

The humans have gone too far. They spread over the land, hacking, biting, chopping, burning. Destroyers and userpers, curse them! Bur-a-hoom.

Ho hoom. Now their wanton destruction of forests has caused the planet to warm up, further increasing hardship for our natural lands. As shepards of the trees, we must fight back. Not since the March on Isengard has the fury of the Ents been roused. Now, us Ents must save Middle Earth again!

All my little baby trees. They so cute they so cute.

Be a Tree Shepard

Thank you Treebeard. You’re an inspiration to us all.

Did you know that large scale reforestation…

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